1 1/32…

Exhausted. One working day left. I still can’t decide whether to go to hamburg tomorrow morning or to finish work. My friends in Hamburg are either out of town or pretty occupied. Maybe I should finish work tomorrow, make a stopover at hamburg and collect my stuff later.


Tweelbäker See again. Nice spot for an after work tea

Yeah. I think I really need that wicked feeling to have finished work. Be over with it. The beginning of a new adventure. Not the feeling of “i have to be back at work on Tuesday”. It’s a shame because I’m really curious what the robot workshop will be about. It looks like they have an old full size industrial robot. But probably somebody will tell me. Since the model looks almost exactly like the kuka we had at the university I already programmed it. But I’m really curious what artists do with it.


What happened? I put in some extra hours to get it over with, hence the fraction. I’m planning on finishing this week. Maybe not the best decision because there’s something nice “happening” in Hamburg: http://faehrstieg.net/butendiek

Quite some interesting workshops and decent people (I guess, they are friends of friends…). So sweat away the last work days and start the work on the van or take the van, go to hamburg, go back to oldenburg, work one day + fetch my stuff and go back to hannover? Not the best choice for the environment but most certainly fun. Well. I think I’ll decide tomorrow.

Harz Mountains

The trip was awesome. The weather wasn’t that good but due to some planning and monitoring of the weather forecast (especially rain radar) we didn’t get wet. On the plus side the tourists were scared away from the nice spots. I have been in the Harz plenty of times and I’m still not sick of it. Maybe it’s just because it’s my homeplace. Maybe because it actually is awesome. Probably both…

My favourite lake

My favourite lake shortly after sundown

one of the finest double rainbows I ever saw in my life

One of the finest double rainbows I ever saw in my life. The fucking cellphone cam only caught a glimpse of it…




Next week is my last week in Oldenburg if I work a straight 40 hour week. I start to wrap thinks up and my mood is improving every day in anticipation of travelling, free time and lot’s of fun.

The weather for the outdoor trip isn’t too bad. Normally I would have cancelled it due to too much risk of getting wet in the rain and then freeze in the night. Luckily I’ve got the van now, it’s (almost) waterproof and it got heating!


My thoughts exactly, thanks internet / emok.tv!