Water pump repair sucess!

The first fix on the trip. After painfully emptying the tank cup by cup until I could reach into it without spilling water the fix was really easy. One hose inside the tank got disconnected. The only difficulty is that you can’t see what you are doing. But luckily I’m very good in seeing with my fingers. Not truly a water dancer but enough to do fix a water pump blindfolded or to open up a bra one-handed without looking 🙂

Day #1, Sweden

My progress was faster than expected. Due to the broken water pump I have to fetch a coffee and take a dump elsewhere.


Stockholm finally!

At the first glance sweden resembles germany, only that the inhabitants are more friendly. But maybe ikea isn’t the real sweden… We’ll see….

Packing my bags


Having a supermarket next door and an elevator in the building makes loading a car quite comfortable…

Is this representing me? It’s not everything I’m packing but it’s a weird combination of stuff. We have got (from left to right):

  • inner tubes for my bicycle
  • traction chains for the van
  • rock climbing gear
  • snorkel gear
  • camera tripod
  • power drill
  • gas for a soldering iron and a small blowtorch
  • travel hammock
  • slackline
  • eight boxes of misc stuff for having fun with microcontrollers & circuits (mostly arduino/android/raspi related). actually 1/3 of the cart.
  • binos
  • small wood saw
  • low pass filter for a subwoofer