Travel Vehicle Try #2

It still needs a name…..


Today I put in some extra minutes to get down to exactly six working days left. It weird when you see the end coming. The first candidate for my room in our shared flat didn’t show up, the second is really early.  At least now my room is cleaned up and ready for presentation. One tip if you’re searching for a room in a shared flat: Don’t bring your mother. Even if she’s a nice lady it somehow doesn’t leave the best impression possible especially if you’re just turned 18 and moving out from home.The weather is shitty as well so it’s just a matter of getting it over with. I’m lacking motivation to work on the van, even if I could just prepare the raspi and the power source for the entertainment system. Maybe the amps arrive tomorrow and will motivate me. We’ll see.


I developed a new hobby. After work I take the van, drive to a nice location and start drinking tea. The sliding door is awesome because there is nothing blocking it like in many RVs. So you can either park vertical to the sun beams and enjoy the sun in your face or angled like on the picture. I have to add a cushion to the back of the passenger seat…


Tweelbäker See, Oldenburg

I just ordered some more parts for the entertainment system so stay tuned… I hope this (quite short) working week will be over soon because I really look forward to the weekend. The weather should become perfect for hiking which is exactly what I would like to do…


Life isn’t that bad after all…


Querlenker Bremen plus guests from afar. Do you see the awesome merc van just in the middle?

The sun is shining and I’m wearing shorts. The couch of my van is quite comfy and the coffee tastes good. I’m sitting just in front of Querlenker Bremen, dinner will be ready soon(er or later) and the first band is just getting started on the soundcheck. Some friends from Hannover will drop by later and there are plenty of decent people around to make new friends. What else could you ask for?

(insert break of 24h here)

The party was alright but I was not really in the mood to party hard. We returned to the van a couple of times to drink some tee and I went to bed early. Two bands were really awesome, e-egal and  guts pie ear shot.The latter just put their whole discography from 20 years of existence on the web for free! Way to go! The stuff from e-egal is also available for free (and legal) download. Please download and donate generously!

Today I went to the flea market and I bought a power adapter from the blue campsite connector (don’t know the name) to an ordinary plug and (drumroll) two aftermarket power window thingies for the van. I’m unsure if I use them just for the windows or anything else, they got quite strong 12V geared motors… 9€ in total looks like a good deal.

The van seems to be a good buy, I start loving it. It’s just spacey enough to feel comfortable but small enough to handle well in cities. It really looks large but being only 5,2m long it really fits in ordinary parking spots.


Besides work I did quite some research on the entertainment system and the solar power options. I’ll write about it shortly. The rest of the day will be spend visiting a friend and partying in bremen… I’m still unsure about the rest of the weekend, either the first festival of the season, bremen or somewhere else. Maybe I should resist the urge to start working on the travel vehicle for a little bit and just enjoy myself… No real need to hurry since I have no fixed plans. The bus seems to be a good buy, I really enjoy it and it just feels right. It definitely needs some love and it will get it for sure. The previous owner didn’t seem to like oil & grease too much, every bit which should be slippery is dry as hell. And I really look forward to add some sugar to the thing. It will be awesome!

Travel Vehicle Try #2

Time is flying by and I’m tired and should go to sleep right now. But at least I can post some pictures. I bought it on Sunday and fetched it on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday I had a thorough look at it, it seems not too bad but it certainly has it’s issues. I’ll write more about it later this week.

It’s a Mercedes Benz Model 602 aka T1 aka “Bremer Transporter” (lorry produced in bremen/germany). It’s quite a late model made in 1993 and has the strongest diesel engine available (OM602 2,9L 5cyl, 95hp). About 970000 of them were produced by Mercedes up to 1995 and they are still manufactured as license builds in India.

The interior is self made by the first owner and it seems that he knew what he was doing most of the time.


Somewhere in northern germany



The black stripe on the bottom isn’t original, it’s been repainted due to corrosion


The interior is alright but i think i have to repaint the panels