A kiss of autumn

"Up in the hills we say that autumn kisses you, 
but winter fucks you hard. 
This is only autumn's kiss" -- Big Bucket Wull

True words. After using the heater for the second time I looked up some weather statistics. The temperatures started dropping below zero already!


thx to yr.no

Sunset is at 19:00 and T-Shirt hours are reduced to sunny afternoons without wind which are seldom. Eva described it as “crisp” weather. I guess both descriptions are quite fitting. It constantly feels cold just as 30+ degrees constantly feel warm. It’s not exactly uncomfortable but it’s there. In some moments you think like “fuck, that’s hot/cold” but most of the times it’s alright.

The colors of autumn really make up for the temperatures. Ah, yeah, there are northern lights as well….


Besides that I finished reading “a song of fire and ice” and I’m quite sad that there will be some waiting until the next book is published. But maybe it’s a good thing, it really got me hooked up well so now there’s more time for other stuff. So if anybody wanted to discuss something with me now is the time since there’s no risk anymore of spoiling something…

After finishing I did some research on the author, George R.R. Martin. Fun to read, what really caught my attention was that he’s still using Wordstar 4 for writing the texts. It came out 1978, so it’s actually older than me. That doesn’t happen with software that often… Medieval software for medieval stories. As long as that’s not the reason for him for taking quite some time to finish a book I won’t blame him…

The world of word processing from the view of George R.R. Martin

The world of word processing from the view of George R.R. Martin. thx to wikipedia for the screenshot

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