Oulu recap / more northern lights

I'll be back -- T-101 / another guy with a german accent

I wanted to post this two weeks ago but I wasn’t in the mood to edit the pictures and I thought the text isn’t really catching it. Since waiting doesn’t change stuff I’ll just leave it as it is…


Oulu more or less did the trip for me. I met nice folks before and a saw beautiful nature for sure. But here there were also fun/cultural events and literally everything happened at once. I was there for about a week and didn’t spend a single day alone. I roamed around the arts night with different folks and had a beer at often recommended “never grow old” bar. I watched the air guitar champignonships and met folks who instantly felt like we had been friends for ages. I ate the local mayonnaise pizza, drank beer in a private sauna, had two campfires (one with BBQ, one with roasted bread), enjoyed art installations at a park and kissed at sundown. I rode the ferry to Hailuotu Island, saw northern lights on four different evenings and even showed a local her first northern lights (talked about it and half an hour later I just pointed at the sky). And these were only the opportunities I took, I missed quite some stuff as well 🙂 I could have stayed there for weeks but the comming autumn pushed me further north.

To cut a long story short: I’ll be back.

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