The tourist trap at the end of the world

The one thing qualifying as a sight over here (besides all the beautiful nature, Townes, islands, …) is the most northern point of continental Europe. As we’re already established there are three of them and I just finished to touristy one. So the trip is finished concerning the fixed plans. I met D. in Stockholm and visited “the” North Cape.


I turned up at 14:30 and there was still somebody sitting inside it. Luckily Eva and Hekki told me that it’s for free after the opening hours of the cinema (dafuq?) and the restaurant. So I turned around and returned an hour later. The guy was just stepping outside the booth and made a gesture I didn’t understand. Since he didn’t try to stop me I just drove on and he seemed reasonably fine with it. Later I found out that just entering the area is 20€ and “all area access” to the facility is 30€. Per person.


The same trick as with the arctic circle: Just show some GPS coordinates and you're legally safe concerning the little problem that it is not the real deal....

As far as capes go this is quite a usual one, it’s windy, there’s nothing to see but ocean on one side and you got a nice little cliff on which you’re standing. Tourists playing around with the monument (some globe), taking zillions of pictures. The facility is quite large, a restaurant seating 200 and an auditorium for 300 (if I remember right). So yeah, you can do some business meetup over here as well. All in all it’s quite boring, more an item to cross of some list than anything special. Tomorrow I’ll maybe try the worlds most northern hiking trail if the weather is not too rough. At least the end of the trail didn’t look too interesting.


Some place nearby which is further north than the north cape...

All in all I share the opinion of the people I asked about it: Not a recommendation, it’s no use going there. Especially in Summer because the payment booth is open until 2am or so and in Autumn because it’s 150km north of the tree line so there’s not much going on concerning colors…

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