To hike or not to hike?


The view of the north cape from my current position

The most northern hike of the world is (according to the interwebs) famous for it’s beautiful view of the touristy north cape. At the moment (10:00) it’s ten degrees inside the van, probably less outside, winds are reported at 30kp/h, I would estimate the gusts on 60+ the way the van is shaking. As you can see on the picture the cloud base is so low that there is no view of the northern cape and rainfalls are reported to start around noon. So if I’m fast & lucky I won’t get wet and see nothing. One part of my brain says: Hey, that’s the perfect opportunity to test your rain gear and last but not least you came here to see the cape. Another says that I should screw it, there’s plenty better hikes south and it will rain there as well. Hmmm, let’s put it in these words:

Odo: 287187
Location: South of Alta

The city of Alta. Civilization!

For the caravan traveller rainy days are designated driving days. And the day turned out as rainy as the forecast suggested. Better skip a shitty hike in the rain and rally south to spent some good days at a nice fjord! I didn’t drive that far south but more to the west but already the weather is improving (13deg C at 20:00) and there are trees as well as leaves on them.

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