Another Weekend

“I’ve found from past experiences that the tighter your plan,
 the more likely you are to run into something unpredictable.”
 – MacGyver

Yeah, I know I already used the MacGyver Quote. But this time it’s even more fitting. Last weekend I was in Hildesheim and the weekend before in Bremen. For some weird reasons I decided to go to both places on this weekend. I won’t bother you with any details but up to now nothing acted out as planned/expected besides the fact that I actually were in both places. Back in the days this would have freaked me out. Now I’m feeling quite good because of the good stuff that happened instead. And I’m proud of myself that I no longer take it personally if folks neglect me due to matters which are out of my (and their) hands.

I thought I’d have good and long conversations with the guys from internet & tacos in hildesheim which didn’t happen because they were pulling night shifts to get an exhibition going. Instead of that I had quite some nice chats with other people and a idea for a very interesting project was born. I guess you’ll hear from it soonish, it’s got potential. For now let’s just say I found a perfectly good reason for finally joining facebook.

Saturday I was planning to spend the evening with a friend in bremen (not the same as the last time) at a concert but she got some kind of family emergency. That she tended a loved one was totally alright for me, I would have done exactly the same in her stead. But I was a little disappointed as well because we ended up talking only for five minutes or so. On the bright side I accidentally stumbled into T. and some friends from Göttingen and had a really nice evening with some deep conversations at the fireplace.

Sunday also didn’t turn out as expected, due to sickness and other troubles nobody could spare some time to hang out with me. Instead my Ubuntu Linux didn’t let me log in no more, some known bug related to some graphic driver issues. So I spent the evening fixing up my notebook and after that working on some concepts for the interesting project. Not really a bad evening but still not what I expected…

This weekend I’ll head south for Göttingen and Gießen. Since it’s only a short visit and there are enough friends to crash with I’ll leave the van behind and will go either by train or take the pornstyler.

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