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Odo: 289778
Location: Sweden, between Vänern Lake and Oslo

Driving and working was the program for the last couple of days. I crossed through Norway and did only a short stopover at a place of a friend from the workshop who moved to Norway last year. A most welcome possibility to wash my clothes and sheets and take a looong, warm shower. I switched the tires of the van from front to back because the front ones were run down on the sides due to some misalignment of the axle and probably my driving style as well. Now I have the tires with more profile on the front axle. My father always told me to put them on the rear axle on a rear wheel drive to not get stuck. A friend in Australia with offroad experience told me just the opposite: Getting bogged is not appreciated but doesn’t hurt. The inability to brake or steer can hurt…

The distance I covered doesn’t seem that much for the time taken but since the speed limit is 60 to 80 kp/h and I’m the only driver it was quite some driving. After some audiobooks about social life I switched to some fantasy (The Dark Elf Trilogy), which will probably see me home and beyond.

After being almost alone in the cold for a whole month I’m thoroughly fed up with it. I guess I needed the experience to get some stuff sorted out and to better learn how to take care of myself (how to keep a good mood, don’t eat too much crap, …) Now I’d like to hang with folks again. Wild phantasies of my sofa, the video beamer and a nice trip to Los Santos cross my mind more often as well. I’m still unsure if I will only stay in Hannover for a short stopover or if the current trip will end there. At least I already reserved a spot in the workshop, the van (and I) should be good to go again by the end of October.

Today my gas (LPG) bottle ran out, using the heater for more than two weeks straight might be the reason. I still have the 5kg spare which should see me home. Filling a german bottle in sweden is reported to be tricky and expensive… I guess I will buy a special bottle which is legal to be filled with LPG at gas stations.

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