Reasons to head south

Location: 100km north auf Fauske
Odo: 288554

Today I saw something whitish on the shoulder of the road. What might that be? Flour? Coke? Hmmm. Then I saw the whitish stuff on the road. Not too much but there. By instinct I reduced my speed very carefully and watched the truck driver some distance behind me doing the same. Can’t be, can it? This night the heater kicked in suspiciously often, the windscreen was very moist due to condensation at morning and yes, it felt crisp somehow. But it’s around midday and the sun is shining. But hence to the high mountains there’re some places where the sun doesn’t shine. And I don’t mean anybodys arse by that, just in case you were wondering.


yep, that's ice on the puddles...


Some mud roadsite. At noon!

Yesterday, after almost three days without much driving I checked on my battery and found out it was only half full. I didn’t watch no movies and only used the tablet for internet access. In Germany the solar panels (160Wp) could easily sustain the fridge and some light and the sound system. I did some troubleshooting, cleaned up the solar panels and then it hit me: There’s nothing wrong with the solar panels, the solar system is to blame! In the arctic the sun does not climb that high to the sky anymore and my panels are pointing straight up since I had no time to build adjustable mounts. Since a client asked for some work to be done the same day I’ll need to incorporate some driving (for charging) and working in my daily schedule… Seems it’s time to head back to base…

2 thoughts on “Reasons to head south

  1. Hey hey, good to hear everything is rolling smoothly! And yes, it’s getting crispy – we also had our first windowscraping morning here.
    You know what’s coming 😉

    • Yeah, I knew… But the landscape is so beautiful here! And luckily it won’t get too bad, the Atlantic Stream keeps the temperatures at the coast bearable (for camping) even during winter.

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