Another waterfront, another weird encounter

Odo: 283860
Location: Bamböle, Aland Islands, Finland


The Aland Islands seem to be mostly private owned. I didn’t find a decent spot at the coast at all at was sent away for the first time on this trip. I just stopped to have a look at the map, engine still running. A woman pulled up behind me and told me that I was on the property of some fancy resort. At least she was friendly enough to tell me where the property ends. I forgot to suggest that they maybe should post a sign at the crossroads saying “private property” or something similar… So I stayed at the parking lot of one of the two public beaches in the area.

Around 01:30 I was lying in bed reading when a car stopped. Loud music, drunken youngguns throwing their empty beer cans on the parking lot after getting out. I wasn’t actually tempted to get in touch so I read on. Later the music died and was replaced by some click click click noise. It started, stopped, started again, quite arhytmic. Ahh, it’s the starter of the car not turning due to a dead battery… While I was getting up I heard them pushing the car around. After the usual drunkard communication like “Hey, I know some german, …” I gave them a jump start, watched them driving off and put their trash away. They seemed quite thankful at least. And it was the first time in sweden I actually got a broken car running again.

Don’t try to push start a car with automatic transmission. It doesn’t work. But it’s possible to pull start them with another car.

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