Day #10

Odo: no change
Location: Neither...

The first day where I didn’t move the van. Hooray! But I payed 15€ of parking fees just to park in Stockholm in front of some housing. It was a slow day. Yesterday I didn’t really took care of drinking enough water so today i payed the bill. The whole day was just hanging around and reading. I went to town to top up my mobile broadband card which was quite a hassle. I didn’t understand how to do it online because the site is only in swedish. I also was quite curious if I can stay anonymous so I went to a tre store to buy a recharge code. After some waiting i found out that they only take credit cards and that my mastercard has a chip but is lacking some other feature to work well with the terminal. This might also explain why statoil declines my card while it is working at all other gas stations. Anyways, I was sent over to The Phone House and after quite some waiting I exchanged 299 swedish crowns (35€) for 100GB of mobile broadband traffic. Not the worst deal ever, especially since it’s a 4G network… So I’m still completely anonymous if I use the supplied usb stick. That’s free speech as I like it…


The view from Langholmen to Kungsholmen


A chopper surveying Langholmen for the better part of an hour. It even followed me to Kungsholmen but left before i went to sleep. Probably police…


The official caravan parking in Stockholm. Sleeping under a bridge (literally) for 35€ per night. I somehow look down on these people (passing over the bridge :))

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