Day #4 – #8

Odo: 283106
Location: NE of Stockholm

Not much to blog about. Travelling in decent company is always a good thing. The countryside over here pretty much looks like the harz mountains. Yet everything is bigger and the countryside is rather flat. And windy. And you are allowed to use motorized boats. And you got wireless broadband everywhere. Let’s say it somehow resembles the harz mountains vegetationwise… After a couple of days I become a little bit bored of the countryside. It is nice for sure but i seem to have become quite spoiled over the years.

Hence the short distance to Stockholm the area is densly populated. It’s still beautiful nature but everything is private ground and you are almost always in direct sight of peoples homes. This makes finding a spot for sleeping somehow tricky. The best tactic so far was to look for natural reserves (which are gouvenment owned) and just stay on the parking lot. The only problem is that it’s quite difficult to find these reserves because there is no decent list of them online and i have no travel guide.

The locals really fancy old US cars. I thought I would see plenty of old volvo, saab and the like but classic cars are scarce and almost always iconic US ones. Pony cars like Firebirds, Cougars, Corvettes, GTOs, and classics like Bel Airs, old chevys… You name it, they drive it. The only kind of ride i haven’t seen so far is pick-ups.

Another weird thing is speed limits. Everybody sticks to them. In 1200+ km of driving I haven’t seen anyone driving in idiot mode. Not even motorcyclists. Actually I like it, it makes driving with the van quite a pleasure. On the german autobahn i’m always afraid that I don’t notice someone when changing lanes because he/she is going 280+ kp/h. This just won’t happen over here.


Blogging in the nature. Every spot in this area looks quite the same so i was to lazy to take more photos...

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