Day #2

Odo: forget to check
Location: near Landskrona / Sweden

Mostly driving. I crossed Denmark completely taking the bridges.  A decent hitch hiking guy came along, so time flew by while talking about travelling, differences between Denmark and Germany and stuff. Try to explain the German healthcare system to somebody in a country where you just go to the doctor, flash your ID card and get treatment….

I stopped at a broken down Opel Kapitän in quite decent shape. The guy already called the roadside assistance so I only had a quick look. The wiring looked like a rodent had quite some fun with it and he told me that the fuel gauge went from 50% to not in a second and than the engine stopped. Hanging fuel gauge? Faulty ground connection? Whatever, I left the riddle for the roadside repair guy who is being paid to worry about it…

On the search for a decent spot to sleep I left the tarmac for the first time on this trip. Even without a body lift the ground clearance is quite good and the new heavy duty shocks and springs pay off. I neither got seasick nor rattled to death. At the end of the track I was at a beautiful spot close by the sea. On a private field. Directly between zillions of power lines leaving a nuclear power plant just a couple of hundred meters away. After a cup of tea I decided that I’ll better move on…


Bärseback, a decomissioned swedish power plant… Thanks to wikipedia / Lars Bo Wassini for the picture.

After quite some time I found a nice spot at a public beach. Just a couple of hundred meters from a commercial camp-ground which was crammed while the parking spot was empty and in front of some rental houses. Tired enough I gave it a try. I was a little afraid to be sent away and it was my first night but as I hoped nobody cared. I woke up at six any ways because some workers did cut some hedges with quite loud tools.


The beach. Finally….

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