Good old Meierei

I just returned from the annual party of some friends who are living in the countryside. It was really nice as usual, I met quite some folks I haven’t seen for some time and I really enjoyed myself. The only downer was that it was raining straight from Saturday afternoon until Monday evening. So we spend most of the time in the shed where we couldn’t light a fire. It was cold as well. I had to put on two sweaters, my winter double jacked (fleece + hard shell), two trousers, two pairs of socks and a woollen hat to feel comfortable during the night. Normally I wear less at -10 degrees but the totally moist air at +5 degrees is really pulling the heat out of your body.


The nexus cam is no good for taking pictures of sunsets. I should remember that next time…

Well, this is embarrassing. When I wanted to leave I got bogged with the 310d for the first time. On a wet meadow. After 48h of continuous rain it was soaking wet. I feared the narrow gate and was too slow on the part which goes just a little little bit uphill. When I realized that I wasn’t moving despite the fact that the wheels are turning I quickly changed to reverse but it was too late. The tire profile was full with mud and I was stuck.


I left some small reminders of my presence. Sorry guys!

All the usual “quick tricks” like reducing tire pressure, putting carpet under the tires, putting wooden planks in front of the tires, … didn’t work. Eventually we got it out by pulling with another car simultaneously¬† pushing with three guys.


What a start for the off road season… I always hated mud. I think I know why…

This one is weighting hard on me. Maybe I’m lucky enough to find a rear axle with a differential lock. Combined with larger rims and decent tires the van should achieve limited off road capabilities. I definitely have to buy anti skid chains at least.

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