Guess what?

I’m back in the land of the muted telly and endless waiting. I didn’t get an appointment on short notice again so 76 other persons to go. That’s the third vehicle I bought since I started this blog. They really start to pile up. I think I have to start selling… Let’s hope the second try on the travel vehicle is a success. We’ll see soon, with a little luck the new one will enter the worshop in the afternoon….


Until now I waited for two hours. There are still 36 to go. Worst performance ever, dear Kfz-Zulassungsstelle. The funny “due to technical difficulty longer waiting..” sign is still here as well. I wonder if they took it down in between. At least I came prepared so it’s almost the same as sitting at home and making ToDo lists and so on… My experiences at this place more or less state out what most car enthusiasts already knew: Monday is “I bought a car at the weekend” day and friday is “i need short term registrations to bring a car abroad” day. Don’t come here at these days.

Also very nice: Since I had no time to order license plates on the internet I just bought them here. 40€ for two !!! On the web they are 5€ a pop + 5€ delivery making up 15€. If you’re in a hurry it will cost you. Time and money… But since I’m not really a patient guy it’s the best choice just to get it over with and hopefully have the car in the workshop this afternoon. Much better than spending hours on the internet searching for possible issues of the car and related fixes…

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