Picking up pace…

The measures I’ve taken are starting to work out fine. I took good care of myself during the last couple of weeks. I did almost no excessive partying, drank almost no alcohol and kept almost a quite constant sleep rhythm. I visited dear friends and constantly soldiered through my to do list. Now there are only 13 working days left and I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel (and I’m quite sure it isn’t an oncoming train…). There’s still much stuff to do and I still hate the uncertainty of not having a completely checked through travel vehicle standing in the workshop. It’s the same as always before I start an adventure. At first I worry about plenty of stuff and spend much time on alternative plans, countermeasures for any problem which could come up and so on. The closer the date of leaving comes the more I relax (except the last couple of days of course). I’ve got the feeling that I’m prepared well. Mentally not organizationally. Most stuff which is likely to happen has been thought through. I know that I’m good at solving problems, it’s my occupation and hobby as well.

If I don’t find a decent travel vehicle or destroy it in an accident or whatever I can still fix the station wagon and use it for traveling. Having a rear lock differential and quite a good ground clearance it even has limited offroad capabilities. Exactly the same mode of transportation as in Australia and quite comfortable as long as it doesn’t rain for several days straight and it’s not too cold.

And even if that is going wrong as well I still got my “everything sucks and I have to get out RIGHT NOW” escape vehicle which I started to prepare years ago. The trusty Honda XL 600V Transalp!

An old pic without the modifications.

An old pic without the modifications.

Already equipped with aluminum boxes, engine bashplate and crashbars it only needs a new set of offroad tires and a new chain / sprocket set. That’s done in less than a day.¬† And even if that’s not working either I still have quite some backpacking experience. I just tend to get more comfortable while I’m growing older and my income is raising…

To sum it up: The summer will be fun for sure and some travelling will be done. The only thing which could stop me (except for accidents & stuff of course) is being stuck in an everyday life routine. And I definitely kick ass avoiding that. So no worries folks!


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