The Kfz Zulssungsbehörde again…

Last time they forgot to transfer the admission for the hardtop and the cabin for the taro to the new papers. I got around pulling a number this time by telling the guy for the appointments that my time amount isn’t unlimited and that they messed up (in a polite way). He sent me to a accountant who was on holidays and gave me the wrong desk number. The person on the desk wouldn’t belive my story and asked if I had the printed email with me. Nope, but I’ve got a computer and internet access with me.

Now I’m waching two Employees since almost an hour taming the software beast to add two lines to the papers. Luckyly I brought a computer. Back in the days this was made by hand (or typewriter) and signed with a stamp. A matter of minutes. Now it takes 3 manhours (them two and me waiting) to copy&paste two fucking lines. Also funny: They scan every page but they can’t access it. If I hadn’t brought the old papers from the 90s they wouldn’t have known what to write. I’m amazed. Where is all this german efficiancy gone?

Just when they were about to finish a third person came and told us that I should have been at her desk hours ago. She wasn’t very impressed when I told her that nobody told me to do so. It really drives me nuts if the government wastes my money to pay people to waste my time… I can do this myself….

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