Caffeine Reduction Day #2-#4

Boring. On day #2 I had a cup of coffee because it was offered to me and I forgot that I didn’t want one. When it was served I thought it would have been impolite not to drink it. Day #2 ended with some alcohol and the night was short because I had a very good conversation with a friend until five in the morning and we had appointments on the very same morning as well. So I drank some mugs on day #3. Day #4 also started with two mugs.

I think I will stop blogging about this topic until something interesting happens. So far it works out as expected, a drastic reduction which is quite easy to maintain. And most coffee I drink really is shitty. It’s time to learn how to brew decent coffee. Since I won’t drink that much anymore the price per mug doesn’t really matter….

One thought on “Caffeine Reduction Day #2-#4

  1. Funny, had quite the same issues with coffee/cola, until I switched to caffeine-free pads (S*ns*o @ the office). Combined with a no-caffeine-after6pm-rule I improved my sleeping a lot. Advantage#2: After lunch @ work I can fight the almighty “Suppenkoma” with only one espresso! So, Andi, go ahead 🙂

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