I’m a number… 189 to be precise


Another hour or two down the drain. The Verkehrzulassungsbeh√∂rde. I hate it here. On the parking lot car buyers are roaming around hoping to buy a car dead cheap. I was tempted for a second because the pornstyler still runs like shit. It’s idling at 2000+ RPM until you kick down the pedal for a short time than its dropping to 750RPM but still not idling fine. Either the Steuerkolben (dosage rod?) of the KE Jettronic gets struck every time or the fixed electrics try to use the surplus fuel by adding some air. Depressing. The board says 163, maybe i can finish the pornstyler story on the blog before it’s registered in my name…

I’m really curious how long this “blogging everything” phase will last. And if I will start publishing fotos of the food I’m eating. Properbly not…

Also it’s a very nice move to put a TV in here, turn it on and set it to mute.

Update: It took about an hour all in all and everything worked out fine. Except that the DHL guy was very early today and didn’t deliver the packages I’m waiting for to the neighbours but will take them to my most favourite post office.

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